Bennefits of electric boating

In an electric boat, you sail without sound. So, you don’t disturb the environment, and you hear all the sounds around you, or experience absolute silence – except for the rippling of the water against the boat. Because you can enjoy the peace and quiet on the water much more, boating becomes a lot more fun. In addition, you can have a relaxed conversation with each other without having to drown out the engine noise while sailing.

Boating causes virtually no emissions. So, you sail cleaner and have a lot less impact on the environment. Of course, the electrical energy must also be generated. Of course, power plants do have emissions, but they are well controlled.

The engine of an electric boat requires hardly any maintenance. Modern engines are compact, simple in design, and contain few moving parts compared to an internal combustion engine. As a result, wear and tear is minimal.

Electric motors are very reliable and have a long lifespan, which of course also contributes to a minimal impact on the environment. Electric motors require periodic maintenance, but this is to a much lesser extent than that of an internal combustion engine. At the end of its lifespan, almost the entire electric motor is recyclable. The remains of an electric motor can therefore be completely reused.

Electric propulsion is one of the most efficient forms of propulsion for a ship. The efficiency is obtained by a correct combination of engine, speed and propeller. It all sounds very logical, but to achieve this efficiency, a lot of testing is required. We have succeeded in developing electric professional drive systems that, in addition to having the highest efficiency, are also among the quietest. Arka motors are built according to the direct drive principle, which means that the driven shaft is the same as the propeller shaft. As a result, there are no noise-producing components present in the engine. By using an industrial grade motor controller, the conversion losses are minimal. It is important to pay attention to the correct propeller shaft type and its installation, the application of a flexible coupling between motor and propeller shaft installation is a must, uniform vibrations dampened by this.

The structure of an Arka System is modular. In addition to the use of dimensions, which is common in shipbuilding, the connections have also been standardized. After purchase, all you have to do is install the engine in your boat, install the batteries and connect them. Commissioning the motor is then simply connecting the plugs and switching on the ignition.

Arka systems have zero carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. They are among the cleanest engines in the world. The lubricants that are used come from the food industry and therefore meet the highest possible requirements. It is for this reason that many drinking water reservoirs are only sailed with Arka drives.